Friday, January 17, 2014

Book Tour: Quilting Isn’t Funny by Megan Dougherty

Hello, hello! Well, I knew I had been away for a little bit, but little did I realize it's been 6+ months! Maybe it was the end of Google Reader or all those changes on Flickr that sent me into blogging hibernation, but yes, I realize I disappeared for a bit. But I knew I had to re-emerge when I was asked to join Megan's (a.k.a. The Bitchy Stitcher) blog hop announcing her book, Quilting Isn't Funny.

Megan has had us laughing up a storm with her blog and columns in Quilter's Home and Generation Q. She's now made it easy for us to read them by compiling them into this self-published book alongside two never-before seen pieces! One of my favorites is the essay "How to Talk to Your Teenager about Quilting." Or maybe it is "Quilting with Kids." Or maybe it is "The Break-up." Decisions, decisions!

Want to find those essays that really just make you smile and laugh because this woman just gets it? Head on over to Megan's blog to purchase a soft cover or PDF copy. If you have the patience to wait for a soft copy, which could be difficult, you should know that she will sign it! Or if you have greater patience, then leave a comment below to be entered into a chance to win a copy of the book. (your chances are pretty good since I've been dormant!). I'll announce the winner next Friday, Jan. 24.

And before I forget, here's a list of all the blog hop participants-- pop on by their blogs to see what they have to say about Megan's book and drool over their work!

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Dec 13 - Liz Kettle – Stitch Journeys

Dec. 14 - Leah Day – The Free Motion Quilting Project

Dec 16 - Lisa Sipes – That Crazy Quilty Girl
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Dec. 18 - Teri Lucas - TerifiCreations

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Jan. 6 – Generation Q

Jan. 8 – Rose Hughes – Rose Hughes – Quilt Artist

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Jan. 10 - Flaun Cline – I Plead Quilty

Jan. 13 – Heather Jones – Olive and Ollie

Jan. 14 – Meg  – Without A Stitch On

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Jan. 17 - Kim Lapacek - Persimon Dreams


  1. Hello and good morning!! Nice to see you back :) I have heard loads of great things about this book so my fingers are crossed though I am the first (?) to comment!!!

  2. I'd love to win this book. I need a good laugh! Thanks for the chance.

  3. Yes! Would love a copy of the book!

  4. Glad you are back! This is the first I've heard about this book, but it sounds fun - count me in! Thank you.

  5. I am a bitchy stitcher so it would be great..

  6. I would love to win a copy of this book!!! Love her blog - always makes me laugh!

  7. I need a good laugh, thanks for giving a book away.

  8. Thanks for being a hostess foe our megan's book. She is a pretty special person

  9. The book looks hilarious! I would love to win.

  10. Make me smile. She'll make me laugh out loud.

  11. This looks awesome. She says all the stuff everyone else wants too, but doesn't.

  12. got you guys added to my feedly! Quilting with attitude... I'm for it! :)

  13. This book wants to be in my library.

  14. Thanks for a chance to win! Hope I'm lucky.

  15. I am so looking forwards to this book!

  16. Thank you for providing the chance to win this book!!

  17. Welcome back! And thanks for the giveaway