Friday, February 22, 2013

Quiltcon: Day 2

Day two was my day to wander the show floor. But it had to start with a breakfast at IHOP, which was Charlotte's request as she had heard dreamy things about their pancakes. 

It was really exciting to see many of the quilts that I've seen on Flickr and blogs up close. Of course, there were a lot of other distractions on the floor, like this Moda photo booth. I met Lindsay and we had fun playing. 

MODA Bake Shop

I also got to try out a long arm!!! It was so much fun. On top of that, all the practice attempts that were created were going to be bound off and sent to a local animal shelter to serve as dog beds. 

Emily and I had fun playing in the rain in the Michael Miller booth. They had neons!!! Woot. I may have bought a bit of this. 

I also got to see a few demos, such as Heather Ross's journal making demo (a project from her latest book too). 

She was at Stitch Lab signing books, but of course, I left mine at home. Her Weekend Sewing book is one of my go tos, but my copy is a hardback and let's face it, I had to save luggage space for fabric shopping!

I just loved this display. I think J, my sewing buddy, would too. 

And just in case I got bored (never!!!) by the quilts, the other convention was offering up this deal (which one of the security officers also made sure to offer to any poor fabric-carrying hubby):

And I finally got to meet Alyssa, Christa and Rachel at the dinner that Alyssa hosted. Alyssa also planned a few party games, including Guess the Kona and Guess the fabric/designer. I failed terribly at the Kona game (2/10 despite loving and using a lot of it!), and I faired better with the Guess the Fabric game (11/15, I think).


  1. Oh my! YOu look like you're having such fun! I'm so jealous!

  2. Eeek. I love your overview. I have so much to put into my posts I don't know when they'll be written! :) It was great to see you again!

  3. So glad that I had the privilege of meeting you and hanging out. You and the Emily's made it a memorable weekend. xoxo...